PT. ILHAM TREDA INDUSTRI as representative product of “GLINIK“ Rock Bit from Poland.
Steel tooth and t.c insert Bits sizes from 2-3/8”to 7-5/8”, with Non-Sealed bearing designed for mining and geophysical applications well technical drilling.
Steel tooth and t.c insert bits, sizes from 8-1/2” to 26”, Non-sealed rollers, sealed roller or sealed journal bearing designed for water well drilling exploratory drilling as well as oil and gas drilling.
Special roller bits, sizes from 5-5/8” to 12-1/4” for air circulating drilling.
Manufacturing program starting from IADC 111 to IADC 737
Roller bits designed for directional drilling with DTH motor

Types of GLINIK ROCK BITS used for Respective Formations

Steel milled tooth bits

Formations: very soft, unstratified, poorly compacted rocks such as shale clays, clays, poorly compacted clays and sandstones, marl limestones, salts, gypsom, hard coals, iron ores.
Cutting Structure: high penetration rates are ensured by a considerable offset of cone axis against the center line of the bit and long sharp teeth. The teeth are reinforced with hard metal ensuring appropriate durability. Special shape of teeth inthe gage rows designed for respective types of rock ensures increased penetration rates and efficient bore-hole cleaning for very soft and viscous formations.

Steel milled tooth bits

Formations: stratified soft and medium-compacted rocks such as: lime clays, arenaceous shales, sandstones with lime binder, conglomerates, porous gypsom, soft anhydrites, marbles with clay-silica binder, marl dolomites, clay siderites, limenites.
Cutting structure: suitably arranged long teeth with low top angle and considerable cone axis offset against the center line of the bit ensure high penetration rates. The teeth are reinforced with tungsten carbide for better gage protection.

Steel milled tooth bits

Formations: medium-hard and abrasive rocks such as: sandstones interspersed with streaks of quartz, hard limestone or chert, conglomerates with limestone, ferruginous or silica binder, crystalline dolomites, hematite ores, siderites, limonites, hard hard shales.
Cutting structure: not long teeth with greater top angle. The teeth of outer rows have properly increased hardfaced gage surface. Additionally, the bit is gage protected by means of tungsten carbide inserts which ensures its high durability.

Steel milled tooth bits

Formations: hard abrasive rocks such as: sandstones with quartz binder, hard sandstones interspersed with chert, hard quartz shales, pyrite ore, magnetite ore, chromium ore, phosphorite ore, granites, magma and metamorphic rocks.
Cutting structure: short teeth with great top angle, closely spaced. The teeth of outer rows have increased gage surface and are additionally reinforced with tungsten carbide inserts to ensure durability and sufficient gage protection.

NIUW “Glinik” Sp. Z o. o. offers a wide variety of 3-cone rock bits designed for rotary drilling in mining industry, geophysical and technical drilling. As one of few manufactures, “Glinik” has introduced the bits with very small size of 2-3/8”.
The small size bits by “Glinik” are manufactured with t.c. insert cutting structure or with steel milled tooth. The bits have got open bearings and are protected from the loss of cone by means of ring or ball bearing. The bits with sizes above 4” have open roller bearings.

The directional drilling bits are designed for directional drilling with DTH motors. Our offer comprises the bits for very soft and soft formations. Depending on the method of drilling,“Glinik” manufactures two main types of such as follows:

The gage rows are reinforced with t.c. insert, special stabilizing inserts on leg back and special bearing suitable to high RPM. The bits are available in sizes 8-1/2” and 12-1/4”.

The range of the bits comprises sizes 6”, 6-3/4” and 8-1/2” with steel milled tooth and t.c. insert cutting structure.
Bearings: roller open bearings, roller sealed bearings (X), sealed journal bearings (SX).
The bits for technical drilling by Glinik are characterized by:
High durability of bearings at high pressures,
Reinforced cutting structure,
Protection against excessive loss of page.


Steel Bit Features
 Oilfield proven heat treated alloy steel for strength and ductility.
 Steel bit body absorbs vibration and shock, extending PDC life.
 Curved blades and gage pads maximize bottom hole contact, eliminating whirl.
 One piece nozzle system for easy installation and removal.
 PDC cutters brazed into steel pockets have excellent braze strength and retention.
 Tungsten Carbide (TC) inserts on gage pads, extending gage life while minimizing contact with hole wall.
 At least one nozzles available in sizes 10 to 16 for a wide range of TFA requirements.
 Extended blade height for excellent penetration rates in softer formations.

PDC Nomenclature

NT = New Tech = new tech Drilling Products
S = Steel = Steel body PDC drill bits
W = PDC cutter size
6 = ¾” (19 mm) PDC cutters
5 = 5/8” (16 mm) PDC cutters
4 = ½” (13 mm) PDC cutters
3 = 3/8” (9 mm) PDC cutters
OX = Number of blades
06 = 6 blades
05 = 5 blades
04 = 4 blades
03 = 3 blades

Our premium PDC cutters have a honeycomb layer at the PDC carbide interface for increased impact resistance and extended cutter life.
Our premium PDC cutters have an extra thick diamond table for maximum wear and footage.
 The latest hard facing technology is utilizede for improved erosion resistance.
 A steel body bit crown is machined on advanced technology Computer Numerivcal Control (CNC) machine tools with the same precision used on aerospace and medical device parts.